Brooklyn Bridge, December 24, 4:30pm

The sun is a fiery pot of gold at the end of the Bayonne Bridge.

It sinks from sight, leaving crimson and yellow clouds in an olive sky.

The sky above is still blue. The nearly-quarter moon is nearly overhead.

Further on... A pale gray, a rosy tint beneath it moving through mauve into a faded indigo horizon.

To the west, the last splashes of the day's light.

To the east, the slow beginnings of night. The blues and lavenders of the other side of sunset.
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Progression, a gutterside view

Thursday evening, police barricades

Saturday morning, shredded paper

Monday evening, film crew trailers

The New York Yankees give way to Gordon Gekko.

And the lights of lower Broadway still shine.
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Brooklyn, Adams St, 2009 June 17, 8:45PM

Wires on the ground. Men, with electric signs? Roadwork? Ah, those were those electronic thingies that were in the huge crates this morning. Out of crates now. Wires across the road. Doesn't look like road work, though.

Huh. Wires across this side street, too. Oh, lots of people down there. That area is usually pretty well deserted this time of night.

And those are definitely lights, not signs.

More wires. Someone with a vest. He's making a call but...

"What's filming?"

"A movie."

"Oh. Do you know the title?" Sometimes they do, sometimes not. Worth a try.

"Errrr.... Sorcerer's Appendixes. With Nicolas Cage."

"Oh, cool. Are they filming on this street?"

*NYC shrug* "All over the place around here."

"Ah. Well, thank you!"

And... Ayuh. Trailers on the south side of Tillary. And on the other side of Jay, trailers on both sides of the road.

In the meantime, there's a street and no traffic.

Time to jaywalk.



I bought yarn for a shawl in... November? Alpaca, grey (natural-ish - it may actually be completely undyed). I tried knitting it. It wasn't working for me. I tried crocheting it. And got interrupted by other projects.

It's finally done. It's now pinned to foam tiles on my living room floor, looking decorative.

And completely angular.
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The light changes so quickly

My apartment's windows face west, but the morning sun reflects off the building across the street.

I was at my computer this morning, and noticed when I stretched that I cast shadows on the white refrigerator. Interesting shadows: with a bluish echo on the right and a sepia echo on the left.

Unfortunately, by the time I got my camera, powered it up, and set the flash to off, the light had changed just enough that I couldn't capture that effect.

But there was an orange on top of my fridge. And that led to this:
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memed again

celamity tagged me for a meme. (My fault, I commented on her post.)

Task: Comment on this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

So, here are my answers...

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Okay, I have a cold. Which means... If anyone comments, four out of the five topics will be "Computers, Journals, Online relationships, Memes", and I will hope to heck that I can get my braincells focused enough to offer at least one individual topic per person.
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